Harry Potter and the Framing of the Hogwarts Basic Bitches

Can you tell that I'm a Hufflepuff who's really freaking tired of this framing crap? As you can see, above is my rendition of how the different Hogwarts houses are stereotypically framed in society. Gryffindor,  the house of the brave and the best. Slytherin, the evil shits nobody likes. Ravenclaw, the smart students. And Hufflepuff, … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Framing of the Hogwarts Basic Bitches


A Bazzar Podcast

The Cathedral and the Bazaar Once upon a time, there was a Cathedral and a Bazaar. The Cathedral was "carefully crafted by individual wizards or small bands of mages working in splendid isolation, with no beta to be released before it's time."  The Cathedral took months of scrutiny to program and solve bugs. The Bazaar was "a … Continue reading A Bazzar Podcast

I Internet therefore I am

Transmedia storytelling is the process of telling one story through multiple platforms. Transmedia storytelling is an effective device that is used by a range of media creators from professional media companies such as Disney, to social media stars. An example of how transmedia storytelling works can be seen through the brand of an internet gaming … Continue reading I Internet therefore I am

Leave me alone and let me remix in peace!

Ahh, Copyright laws... Those shitty ass boundaries that affect so many of us on the big wide internet, yet they were made way before the internet's existence. What's up with that?! Copyright laws were engineered for a time where it was possible to republish someone else's work and reap the rewards from it. They were created … Continue reading Leave me alone and let me remix in peace!

Choose your fighter; Memetic Warfare Commences

Memes are bits of cultural information. They are ideas, perceptions, and actions spreading through societies from mind to mind.  'Memetics' is a term that was coined by Richard Dawkins to explain his theory of how cultural information evolves in a society. It is based on the workings of genes, theorizing that memes, like cells, compete, reproduce and … Continue reading Choose your fighter; Memetic Warfare Commences

The rise of true Journalism

Journalism isn't in crisis. In fact, true Journalism is only just beginning.  It has been said many times that Journalism is a career in crisis, and this holds some truth. The way that we traditionally have perceived journalists and the journalism career is no longer relevant in today's technologically advanced society. Everyone is able to film or … Continue reading The rise of true Journalism

Network participation creates better Patronuses

It's true. The title says it all. But in case you're confused, let me explain. Firstly, a quick rundown of network configurations. Networks can be configured in three different ways; Centralized; all communication comes from the central point to the outer points, e.g. individuals listening to the radio. Decentralised; communication comes from the central point … Continue reading Network participation creates better Patronuses