Hallyu and the Hollywood Adaptation of My Sassy Girl

Stephens, J, & Lee, S n.d., 'Transcultural Adaptation of Feature Films: South Korea's My Sassy Girl and its Remakes', Adaptation-The Journal Of Literature On Screen Studies, 11, 1, pp. 75-95, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, EBSCOhost, viewed 24 August 2018. In this article, Stephens and Lee discuss the topic of transcultural appropriation in feature films by... Continue Reading →


Should we consider internationalising Australian Higher Education digitally?

Bell, M 2008, Internationalising The Australian Higher Education Curriculum Through Global Learning, n.p.: Research Online, Research Online, EBSCOhost, viewed 21 August 2018. In this article Bell introduces the 'global learning' approach as a new way to internationalise Australian Higher Education. Bell's method is founded on the understanding that students from low-economy countries can't afford these... Continue Reading →

Globalisation= Westernisation?

O'Shaughnessy, Michael 2012, 'Globalisation', in Media and society, 5th ed, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic, pp. 458-471 Michael O'Shaughnessy's chapter 'Globalisation' in textbook 'Media and Society' predominately discusses the negative effects that globalisation has on issues such as poverty and culture. O'Shaughnessy uses the examples of the digital divide and subsequently cultural imperialism to... Continue Reading →

Too saturated for the truth

After the invention of the telegraph people were forced to shift from the process of slow moving information to a word of rapid global communication. Shortly after people began questioning this shift, asking “What need is there for the scraps of news in ten minutes?” claiming that the invention of the telegraph had resulted in... Continue Reading →

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