Making and Breaking the Sims of EA


The Sims of EA has been my Digital Artefact (DA) for BCM 114 which I have been working on for the past 13 weeks. I wish that in this blog post I could be telling you that over this period of time I have been consistently and ruthlessly testing, prototyping and iterating my work. However, since my last blog post Prototyping the Sims of EA I have not further iterated, or even made any attempt to contribute to my DA at all.

Though don’t get me wrong! Earlier in the process of my DA I did cyclically iterate and prototype the ‘Sims of EA,’ and solved many issues such as;

  • Text length
  • Content Type
  • Hashtags
  • How I source my Sims
  • How I collaborate with others
  • My branding
  • The purpose of my posts

However, due to the unavoidable circumstances of life I have not furthered my DA since my last blog post.

The reasoning as to why can be best stated through Ken Robinson’s video on ‘Flourishing’ which states that “Human life and human communities are much more like organisms in the sense that we flourish under certain conditions and we fail under certain conditions, and our success is always synergistic with our environment.”

I have taken on new challenges in my personal life this semester which has meant that I haven’t had as much time to devote to my university work. Do I regret doing this? No. As some of these decisions have become a part of the best things in my life, however, my DA has definitely suffered from it.

Two solutions to solving this problem which I discussed in my Beta presentation for this project included;

  1. Consistent Upload Schedule

I desperately needed a better time management system. By creating a consistent upload schedule (as opposed to no upload schedule at all) perhaps would have given me some stability in the project and may have encouraged me to stick with it.

consisntant sponge.gif

    2. I Needed a Team

Turning the ‘Sims of EA’ into a group project sharing the workload, and having others to hold me accountable to the project would have been very beneficial to me.

sim team woo.jpg
passion changes everything

It is true what Ken Robinson claims, passion does change everything. Even though I mentioned many excuses before as to why this project failed such as being busy, and not having team mates to contribute to the work load and help keep me accountable, I think that the main reason is that I just lost passion for my project. But that’s okay too.

For this type of project failing is just as good of a result as a success IF you learn from it, and can apply the learning curves to your future work. For example, from this project I have learned that;

  • I really enjoyed the creative, storytelling part of my DA, and that I could do it quickly and easily.
  • I need to make a schedule for uploads and work hours and to stick to because I have a busy life and like having a busy life. Without giving myself deadlines I will forget about my work, or see it as not as important as other things that I do have deadlines for.
  • Working on solo projects is very hard for me. As an extrovert I get my energy being around other people, and therefore I can very easily get motivated in group settings.
  • Finally, I have learned that sometimes working as a part of a group, and relinquishing some control of my ‘precious ideas and vision’ will have much better effects in the long run of a project.


thanks for watching me fail.gif


3 thoughts on “Making and Breaking the Sims of EA

  1. utteromnishambles says:

    Your way of writing is always so mature and succinct. I love it. I can tell you have a somewhat clear idea of what your DA is supposed to be and are looking for solutions based on that idea. I do truly understand the whole “life gets in the way” thing because it almost happened to me these past few weeks. Luckily, my DA’s layout allows me to make content out of that inability to contribute to my DA. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ll definitely be explaining it in my “Making” blog.

    Schedules are important when it comes to doing projects like this (as I’ve learnt the hard way) and I concur that having people to share the weight would be a great idea.
    I love The Sims so I look forward to seeing you continue this DA, not only in future DigSoc classes but also outside of them too. I’m excited to see where you take it and what ways you can branch out to different audiences and content types.

    Until next year!
    ~ Emily

    Side Note: I don’t need a comment for my OP, I just felt compelled to gush some encouragement at you.


  2. tahliagrant says:

    Hey Emma!
    I think you were in my class this semester, I remember seeing this presented and as a BIG fan of the Sims I thought this was a really cool idea. The issues you have with your posting schedule, I relate to quite alot and I think that treating it like your own page and WANTING to post on it, how often do you think you’ll start posting, do you have a specific time you’re thinking of? Collaborating was also something I think was a good idea, especially as a student. It’s really hard to balance the DA plus the four other subjects as well as any work etc, so now especially is the time to start learning how to collab and making relationships with people in similar interests and areas as you. You’re writing is great and I cant wait to see where this takes you!


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