I’m scared of my Boyfriend’s Google Home, and you should be too!

Yes, this week’s lecture ‘The Internet of Things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces‘ (IoT) did bring up some feelings of resentment and mistrust that I have towards my boyfriend’s Google Home. To understand why let me first explain what the IoT is, and how the Google Home is related to it.

The IoT in a nutshell refers to a branch of ‘smart technology’ wherein material objects are attached to the Internet. This includes devices such as smart watches, the Amazon Key, home speakers that take orders – like the Google Home, and many other whacky devices.

In order to preform the services that these devices claim that they do they have to be constantly analysing their environment to uncover a triad of information; your location, your identity, and your environment. In this week’s lecture, Ted states that when we invite smart objects into our daily lives we as people become “an additional input into a data stream.” 

This notion was further supported for me through some additional reading of Wired Magazine which states that “One study estimates that 35 percent of US manufacturers are using data from smart sensors within their set-ups already.” If this all isn’t freaky enough, the recordings and data from an individuals Google Home and Fitbit have been taken and used as evidence in a murder trial in the U.S. court.

why is no one else freaking out.gif


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