The Ethics of Hacktivism

hacking is this a game or is it real

Hacktivism, a reckless or heroic act?

This week’s remediation is based off the film ‘War Games’ which was shown in Ted’s lecture as a representation of the danger of the hacking subculture. The remediation represents the idea of ‘playing’ with very dangerous systems, and how perhaps what might seem as innocuous hacking to one person can be incredibly damaging to another.

It’s important to remember that ‘War Games’ a fictional film. However, it raises the question of what are the moral and legal implication of hacking? This brings us to the concept of ‘Hacktivism,’ a scenario in which a person hacks for social or political means.

Many Hacktivists feel that whilst their actions are illegal, that morally they are doing the right thing for the greater good. Hacktivism has been known to fight for information freedom and to reveal and share information that has been wrongfully kept from the general public.

But do we really have a right to this information, is it right for us to expose a person or organisation like that, and if so where do we draw the line? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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