Can we start a #revolution baby?

we want our rights

Connectivity is an inherent part of the internets nature. It enables us to have instantaneous global access to like-minded people, which is a pretty powerful phenomenon. The internet is dialogic by design, and has proven to be an excellent tool for starting revolutions for this reason.

We have seen this in cases such as the Arab Spring, Mena and Maiden. However, as the internet grows older and we all become more experienced in it’s use cracks begin to emerge in it’s use. An article by WIRED which can be accessed here, outlines some of the obstacles in using social media as a revolutionary tool. For example, governments have access to prohibit and block access to connective social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter making it hard to spread messages. Furthermore, governments can also have a hand at spreading misinformation.

In summation, it’s important to remember connectivity gives us power. However, it’s also important to realise that governments and other sources have the power to break that internet connection.


4 thoughts on “Can we start a #revolution baby?

  1. ericbunblog says:

    Yea i wholeheartedly agree that the internet is a connective platform, theres also the bad side of being connected and that’s why some countries block social platforms. I recommend you look upon chinas whole spill about social platforms and media in general. And yes governments can spread misinformation on the internet and same goes for everyone, thats why sources are crucial!


  2. abbypoposki says:

    Hi Emma,

    I like your last comment: connectivity gives us power. Many nations have been at risk of losing this but have managed to prevail. Connectivity in revolutions provides information on the ground that legacy media journalists cannot. Individuals take to social media to report what is going on in their country during situations of political unrest. However if connectivity is lost, how can we know what is happening?


  3. jessmareethoughts says:

    Hi Emma,
    I love your take on this weeks content! I agree with everything you said especially when you stated that connectivity is power! The censorship that government has power over is an interesting concept, in a lot of ways no matter how open and free the internet is I guess it can sometimes only be as free and open as the big guys want it to be as we only see what they allow us to, especially relevant in countries like china. When it comes to the protests in Egypt it’s definitely a very negative stand point on the topic, not that the rest of it is necessarily positive. I found this thread very interesting, it’s a conversation regarding whether it would be good or bad for the government to control the internet.


  4. grixonlineblog says:

    Hey Emma,
    Loved the discussion you’ve started with the impact of connectives and how it gives us power along with also sharing the stance of some governments. With the protests I think it was great that before the government intervened progress was made with reaching outside communities, and thus, creating larger protests within the city. This is a good example of how being connected gives us power. These examples are strong especially as it shows both sides you’re discussing (the government controlling it) as within this scenario, yes, they did try to shut down available network outlets.
    Really good read!


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