Lord Mimikyu’s Walled Garden – A representation of iFeudalism

The pikachu walled garden

The Feudalisation of the internet, otherwise known as iFeudalism is a current Social Media centred phenomenon. It’s name is based off of the Medieval European structure of Feudalism. iFeudalism is the concept where Social Media organisations such as Apple, Android and YouTube are closing off sections of the internet by creating “walled garden” structures.

The internet is decentralized by nature, meaning that every individual user has the power to unrestrictedly add content to the internet. However, when companies create walled gardens on the internet they have the power to control what content is contributed to that garden, and what content should be censored.

As you can see, in the image above is my beautifully Poke-fied representation of iFuedalism. In this representation we have Mimikyu who is the Lord and surveillance manager of the walled garden. Mimikyu controls which Pikachu’s can enter the garden, what the Pikachu’s can post, and will censor any content made by the Pikachu’s that it doesn’t like. Whilst the worker Pikachu’s are technically free to roam about the garden, they cannot leave without Mimikyu’s permission. Furthermore, they have to pay rent to be a part of the garden. This rent can be paid in two forms. Firstly, they may have to pay in the form of in app purchases, licensing fee’s or subscription fee’s. Or secondly, they may be paying by providing Mimikyu with their own personal information that Mimikyu can use to expand the walled garden.

Let me know what you think of my cutesy representation of iFeudalism in the comments below!

pikachu kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


3 thoughts on “Lord Mimikyu’s Walled Garden – A representation of iFeudalism

  1. saarahsays says:

    Your remediation is so adorable! Such a clear and clever way of describing this concept.

    I feel as though the idea of iFeudalism and walled gardens is such a grey area. On one hand, in the eyes of the organisations, it makes sense that they would want to filter the content which resides on their platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook removing posts which doesn’t fit into their community guidelines. But on the other hand, it does make you wonder how the internet is no longer free, and the content we post is being monitored and censored.

    I guess this whole idea shouldn’t be so surprising, as China really is the “ultimate walled garden” due to it being the “world’s most centralised internet system.” This article https://www.economist.com/special-report/2018/06/28/china-has-the-worlds-most-centralised-internet-system goes into depth about this. I personally found it really interesting and hope you will too!


  2. ayeitsemma says:

    Uhhh this is the cutest blog I’ve ever seen but besides that you also wrote an insanely good article on this weeks topic… This topic being ifreaduism which you touched on so well I strongly agree with you about “every individual user has the power to unrestrictedly add content to the internet” which I want to stay the same and I’m sure most people in the technology generations would want aswell. Yet now with these “wall gardens” being put in place there will be a whole new realm of what is okay to post and what not.
    Your reference to Pokemons classics and this topic outline the ultimate truths of what could happen in the future, that removing content and censoring will become much more than just banning “swear words” or “nudity”.

    Hmm anyways loved your post and the way you detailed it would help a lot of visual learners understand this better I feel.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tahliagrant says:

    You have such a GREAT aesthetic and how to work it in to your remediations is amazing! I think this post is a really good length and you have nailed what I also got from this weeks lecture, however, much of this post is about what is in your remediation which I think could have been put into maybe some detailed advantages or disadvantages of the topic, however this way does work better with your aesthetic, so maybe trying to meet a little in the middle?
    Really good job this week, I like how your hyperlinks aren’t too in your face and intertwined with your post.
    Well Done!x


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